Best Places to Find Gay Guys

It's easier than ever to find gay guys of all kinds. Whether you're looking to hook up for gay sex or you want a long term relationship there are numerous outlets designed to help you out. The easiest way to meet a gay guy is the vast and beautiful wilderness known as the internet. There are literally hundreds of thousands of sites to cater to your particular needs. It could take years to browse through them all. Start simple with Facebook and branch out from there. You can find a gay group for just about any hobby in the world so you can find guys with similar interests that you'll have a great time with.

Gay dating sites are plentiful online. You can sign up for a gay site that is built entirely around making gay sex happen or you can go for a dating site that caters to men looking for men. Some do a little of both so you might have to wade through a number of potential dates to find the one for you. That's how it works in the real world too. The internet can also be exceptionally useful for researching local gay groups you can join or local gay hotspots where you can meet other guys.

As you probably already know gay bars are a good place to meet men. They seem to have a bad reputation but it's unwise to paint with such a broad brush. Some gay bars are hell holes that no man should visit unless he's looking for something cheap and dirty or overpriced drinks. There are others filled with gay guys looking to meet and fall in love. Along those same lines you should try out dance clubs if you're into dancing, obviously. The music is loud, the drinks flow freely, and the fun you can have is immeasurable.

You don't necessarily need to be in a gay hotspot to meet a guy, of course. It's a little more complicated since you often have to go through the awkward feeling out phase where you try to discover if this cute guy is gay but you'll run across plenty of gay guys in your day to day life and you can't be afraid to ask him out if you like him. Just go for it! Almost all major cities have a section that the gay population tends to frequent so you could consider moving to that section to be among the sort of guys you want to date.

You could also just ask your friends. If they're good friends chances are they'll know what type of guy would be good for you even if you don't think he would be. You can pass over the awkward gay guessing part (not everyone can tell if a guy is gay right off the bat!) and get right to getting to know each other, which is the best part of dating. The most important thing is that you never stop putting yourself out there. If you're looking for love with a gay guy you'll find it.

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