Gay Dating Advice for Older Men (35+)

Gay dating is tough no matter your age but it can be extra difficult as an older man. This is largely due to widely-held stereotypes that lead you to believe that it's a young man's game and any guy you might be interested in is going to want some young hottie on his arm. There's certainly a percentage of older gay men that want to date young hotties but most guys your age are actually interested in a long term relationship with someone in their own range. Young men tend to lack maturity and it can make a genuine difficult even if the body is hot and the face youthful and handsome.

Hopefully the advice I have to offer will make it easier to find older gay guys you can have a rich, warm, loving relationship with. First and foremost you need to work on yourself. If you're here and reading this article then chances are good you're not out there dating because you're subject to the same fears many older gay guys have. You're not good looking enough, you're not successful enough, you don't work out enough, etc. The truth is there's someone out there for everyone so no matter what you are you can fall in love and get back to sharing intimate moments, having great gay sex, and feeling truly happy and fulfilled. The sooner you realize that the sooner you'll be on the road to gay dating success.

As an older gay guy it doesn't work nearly as well to head into a gay bar or dance club looking for the man of your dreams. You'll find a hot young guy for gay sex, probably, but that's not really going to lead anywhere fulfilling. Instead you need to refocus where you find your guys. Your best bet is to concentrate on your interests. Take your favorite hobby and join a gay group built around it. Before you know it you'll have a thriving gay social network of guys your age (or close to it) and you'll have date after date after date.

The best dating advice I can give older gay guys is to embrace your age. You're more accomplished, have a far greater range of experiences to draw from and share with others, and you're more self aware than a younger man, which is probably your greatest advantage. As a self aware gay man you actually know what you want in a relationship. You're not just bouncing from guy to guy like you're on a pinball table. You've had those relationships and you've had all kinds of gay sex so you know what feels good, what satisfies you, what fulfills you, and what will do so in the future. You won't have to date nearly as much as you did in your 20s. In fact, before you even go on a date you'll likely have a sense if the guy is right for you. Gay dating as an older man is actually a wonderful thing.

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