Gay Dating Advice for Younger Men (18-26)

You're young, you're gay, and you're not entirely sure about dating. The mass media gives you plenty of information on how straight couples date (some of it is terrible information, of course, but there's a lot of it out there) but young gay men are sometimes left out in the cold. That's what I'm here for though. There are a few useful bits of information that every young gay man should know. They'll help make your dating life smoother and simpler so read on and look forward to a slew of successful dates in the future.

First, lots of gay guys of any age are just looking to hook up. They want gay sex, not a relationship so you'll have to learn how to weed them out if it's a genuine relationship you're looking for (if not then go ahead and have fun since there's a ton of pleasure to be had in casual sex relationships). Most guys are up front about it so you shouldn't have to do much detective work. If you're not sure just ask the guy. Don't try to parse every text and email. Tell him you're looking for a relationship of some sort (doesn't have to be serious) and not a quick hook up. If he wants the same thing you'll be fine.

It's always wise to meet somewhere for your first date with a guy. Whether you met him on a gay site, have been setup on a blind date, or met him at work you should both drive (or cab/subway it) to the date location. If he picks you up in his car and the date goes terribly he's going to have to take you back and that's going to be super awkward. Plus, you can never be too safe. If he happens to be nuts you don't want him to know your address.

The question of who pays for the date in a same sex relationship can be a tricky one. You should always go into the date prepared to pay your half. If you're struggling financially then suggest a low cost place so you don't have to spend your paycheck for a first date. Your date might offer to pay for the whole thing. If he does then be sure that you treat for the second date (unless he's really well off and insists on treating because it makes him feel good).

It's always best to pick a place neither of you frequents for your first date. Something new always helps with the bonding, plus you don't want to run into him in the future if the date goes badly. Make sure you're on time. No matter how old you are when someone is perpetually late it's terribly annoying and a sign of utter disrespect. It's especially important to show up on time for the first date. Finally, it's okay if you want to hook up after that first date. You don't have to worry about being chaste. If there's a connection and you want to take it further then go for it. Your man is almost certainly not going to complain if you want hot gay sex after a great date.

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