How to Date a Younger Guy

If you're an older gay guy there's no shame in wanting to date and be with a younger man. Young guys are incredible and lucky for you there are plenty of them interested in older gay guys so you won't have to look too hard to find one. Hopefully I can help you in finding a young gay guy and in making a relationship work. Let's start with finding a guy though. Your best bet is to start with a gay dating site or a gay social network online. If it's geared toward intergenerational relationships that's even better since you won't have to sift through countless profiles looking for the guys into older gentleman. Any gay site will do though and at the very least you should start there and look through profiles to get a sense for what young gay guys are looking for in older dates.

If you want to skip the online thing or it just isn't working for you then consider joining a local gay group. It's best if the group is geared towards a hobby or pursuit of yours so you'll have something in common with everyone right off the bat. If you're not already a gym member then it's time to sign up. It's great to get in shape and there are lots of guys there to meet, many of them young. I know it can be a nightmare but you might also consider going to gay bars and clubs where lots of young men hang out.

That last suggestion might sound like a nightmare, probably because you're wondering how you tell which young guys are interested in an older man. It's not though. One of the beautiful things about young gay guys, particularly those at clubs and bars, is that they're open about their desires. If they want an older man they're going to come right up and start hitting on you. At that point you simply have to respond and show that you're worth their time.

Being a confident older gay man is the most important element when trying to secure a younger guy. They're interested in you in large part because you have a world of experience and they want to see what that's like. They don't want someone that fumbles around in the bedroom or loses his load in a minute because he's over excited. They want a confident, experienced man to show them a new world and you can be that man. If you're confident in your approach most of the work is done before the first date.

A significant percentage of younger men that want to date older guys are looking to be taken, in a way. They want you to make the decisions on where you'll have dinner, what you'll do on the dates, etc. You should probably pay since you're likely better off financially. If you've just met him then make the first move. Initiate a kiss or bring him home for the gay sex you both crave. Above all be a confident, in charge kind of guy and you'll have younger men clamoring to date you.

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