Step Two: Present the Best Version of Yourself

Everyone has a best version of themselves and if you're looking for a relationship then you should strive to present that version to the world. If you're 20 pounds overweight and soft all over because you haven't been to the gym in 10 years then it's time to sign up for a membership and start working out. If you're underemployed because you're unwilling to work hard then you need to change that mindset and get a better job. If you dress like a slob because you don't want to make the effort it's time to throw everything in your closet away and learn how to dress like a successful adult.

Sometimes I get emails from people complaining about this step. They say that they want to find someone that loves them for who they are, warts and all. Well, for one, warts are disgusting and they're meant to be removed, not lived with or celebrated. Being fat, lazy, and a poor dresser has nothing to do with who you are. Those are choices you're making and you're likely making them because of low self esteem and a lack of confidence. Guess what every study and poll says is the least attractive quality in a potential partner. Yup, it's a lack of confidence and low self esteem. No one wants to date someone that doesn't put forth their best possible version! Sometimes people settle because that's the best they can do but no one really wants it.

Think for a moment about the gay guys that you lust after the most. Would those guys want to date a slovenly, poor, out of shape guy? Of course not. Don't sit at home and bitch about how nice guys never win or how you're putting yourself out there but the kind of guys you want to date just aren't interested in you. Shut up and get your shit together. If you want the best gay sex of your life and a great relationship with the partner of your dreams then you need to work on yourself. The great thing about taking care of yourself and your career is that your confidence will go through the roof and people will be attracted to you like you're some sort of powerful magnet.

If you followed step one then you should have a good idea of the kind of man you want. Part of step two is knowing what that kind of man wants. If you need to get buff then make sure you hit the gym every day. If you need to be smarter then start reading books and snooty magazines. If you need a better job then educate yourself and start applying. Who you are is deep down in the core and all that surface stuff is window dressing that makes life better. It's fully within your power to make the window dressing better so you can have the best gay relationship of your life. At the very least the sex you have will be way more passionate, arousing, and energetic.

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Step Three: Put Yourself on the Market

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