Step Five: Seal the Deal

You know what kind of man you want to date. You've done research on gay sites and you've fantasized about Mr. Right. You've transformed yourself in the best version of you possible. You're brimming with confidence. You've started talking to guys and going on dates. You know how to approach a man at a social function and start a great conversation that leads to a relationship you want. Now you're ready to put it all together and seal the deal on forming a rewarding and long term gay relationship that will provide you with the fulfillment you've been missing.

Nail down that first date with a guy and keep it simple. Spend a few hours with him talking and laughing and having fun without making it too complicated, fancy, or expensive. The whole point is to get to know someone, not to impress them with flashiness. You want to know them and you want to share the parts of yourself that are most interesting and impressive. There's no need to spill your life history though. You can never go wrong listening to the saying less history, more mystery when it comes to dating. Always leave them wanting more!

When you first start dating you should try out lots of guys. Set up plenty of dates through a gay site to get practice. Learn to flirt and have fun. Learn how to kiss a man and when things move along a little more learn how to pleasure him in bed. Gay sex is going to be a part of this process and you should be excited about that because it's the best part.

You'll know you've found the right guy when he stands out over all the others. He's the one you think about during downtime at work or when you're driving home and feeling bored. He's the one that makes you smile the most and leaves you floating in that place of pure bliss after a date. The other guys are nice but for some reason this one stands head and shoulders above them. He's the one you should be dating and he's the one you need to have the conversation with. You seal the deal with him by asking if he wants to be exclusive while sharing your strong feelings. Don't go over the top and declare your love, though. Just tell him that you really like spending time with him and you want to be exclusive so you can take it to the next level.

Once you're in that position you're just about home free. You will continue dating, you will fall in love, and you will perhaps move in together. As you move through those steps in the relationship remember to always be open and honest with him. Don't be afraid to express your feelings and be ready for him to react in any number of ways. Always communicate and be loving when he shares his feelings. If you dedicate yourselves to the relationship you'll find that a beautiful, fulfilling life will result from it.

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