Spotting a Bi-Curious Guyu

The guy you're crushing on has told you he's straight and you see him talking to girls but for some reason it just doesn't track. Something inside is telling you that this guy is bisexual at least and he just hasn't tapped into it. You think he's bi-curious and you're hoping that time around gay guys and you in particular will convince him to take the next step to genuinely exploring his feelings. So, how do you know if a guy is truly bi-curious?

In truth, it's not the easiest thing in the world but there are numerous signs you can look for. Some bi-curious guys will inadvertently flirt with you, particularly in a physical way. If you're talking with a guy and he's initiating physical contact that's a good sign he's interested in more than friendship, even if he doesn't know it. Sometimes our body and brain are way ahead of our conscious thoughts so if he purports to be straight and yet he's constantly touching as you talk then he might be bi-curious.

A good way to spot a bi-curious guy is at a gathering with a number of gay guys and straights. Keep an eye on your target as he moves through the party and chats with friends. If his eyes continually drift to the gay guys and the stares are filled with a little more longing than you'd expect then it's a good bet he's interested in swinging both ways but has yet to find the courage to take a crack at it. If you can catch him looking at a gay couple kissing or experiencing an intimate moment you can glean the most information. If he stares longingly or there's a bit of lust there then he's definitely bi-curious or more.

The gym is a decent place to spot a bi-curious guy. He might spend a little too much time in the locker room hoping to catch a glimpse of a naked guy in a situation where it's perfectly normal and he would have an easy out if someone got upset. He might also spend a great deal of time staring at the hard bodies around the gym, enjoying the view. Perhaps he loves to take nice long showers as lots of guys come through naked but he never really stares but instead simply enjoys being naked amongst men. If he gets hard in the shower then he's probably more than bi-curious.

Sometimes when a guy gets a little too vociferous about gay rights or even anti-gay yammering he might be bi-curious and conflicted. Guilt and pain are often good signs of a bi-curious man since some guys are raised to believe than attraction to men is evil. Those guys tend to be troubled and often difficult to be in a relationship with so you might want to steer clear. On the other hand, if you're the first guy he hooks up with it could be that the gay sex will be off the charts amazing.

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